How to block an user / IP address on your blog || Full Instructions

Blogger could be the future's preeminent blogging stage on the off chance that it improves its wellbeing measures. There are no two assessments about the Blogger's security framework, as per the most recent studies it's accounted for that blogger is the main blogging stage which can neither hacked nor captured as a result of professionalized security given by Google. While then again, a large portion of Blogger clients are moving to WordPress on account of continued clicking shelling and substance takes. Albeit a couple of Blogger, fans are as yet finding an exit plan by either forbidding or confining the IP Address of snap aircraft. Thus, in the event that you fear spammers and need to limit them from review your blog, at that point, you have gone to the ideal spot. In this article, we will demonstrate to you how you can boycott a specific nation IP address.

>When We Should Ban a Certain IP Address: 

Nobody truly needs to limit a specific client from getting to his blog on the grounds that each distributor cherishes and respects his perusers, however, the circumstance changes fundamentally when somebody more than once damages your blog terms and as opposed to acknowledging them one after the another submits same blunders. In this way to make our locale charming, we need to take some convenient activities, by prohibiting those clients who are disregarding our terms.

Be that as it may, the restricted client can at present access your site by utilizing various intermediaries, which conceal the personality of a specific PC by changing its IP address. Intermediary sites were formally intended to get to those sites which are either restricted or not working in your nation but rather numerous clients are utilizing them in hacking and taking.

Instructions to Ban an IP Address In Blogger: 

To boycott or confine an IP Address from visiting or review your blog we need to take the assistance of a site which is worked to restrict clients from visiting explicit sites so to do adhere to the consequent directions.

1. Sign in to your Blogger dashboard. Snap-on the "Devotees" connect underneath "Oversee Blogs." This opens the rundown of blog adherents/clients.

2. Snap-on the client you need to square. Snap-on "Square this User," and after that click "Square."

3. Snap-on "Home," and after that "Show Blocked Users" to raise the rundown of blocked clients. To unblock a client, click on the client's name, and after that click "Unblock this User."


==>Copy/Paste the PHP code beneath in a scratchpad

==>Supplant IP Address 1, IP Address 2, and IP Address 3 with the genuine IP tends to you need to be blocked

==>Spare the document as a .php record (ex. ipblocker.php)

Blogspot IP address blocker.
$iplist = array(“IP Address 1″,”IP Address 2″,”IP Address 3″); // the list of banned IPs
$ip = getenv(“REMOTE_ADDR”); // get the visitors IP address
// echo “$ip”;
$found = false;
foreach ($iplist as $value) { // scan the list
if (strpos($ip, $value) === 0){
$found = true;
if ($found == true) {
echo “top.location = “error.html”;n”; // page to divert to

==>Transfer your recently made PHP document on any PHP bolstered web facilitating administration like and

==>Now , Paste following content in your blog's format simply above </head> :

<script language='javascript' src='URL of your php File' type='text/javascript'></script>

Save your format and it's done.... :)

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