How to take Screenshots in my window 10

1. Click on the window you might want to catch. 

2. Press Ctrl + Print Screen (Print Scrn) by pressing down the Ctrl key and afterward squeezing the Print Screen key. The Print Screen key is close to the upper-right corner of your console. (Contingent upon the kind of console you have, the accurate key names on your console may fluctuate somewhat.) 

3.  Click the Start button, situated on the lower left-hand side of your work area. 

4. Click  on All Programs

5. Click on Accessories

7. Click on Paint

8. In the paint window, hold down the Ctrl key and after that press and discharge the V key. Your caught screen capture should then show up inside the paint window. 

9. To spare the picture, click on the File drop-down menu situated in the upper left-hand side of the toolbar and click on Save As.

10. In the Save As window, peruse to your ideal spare area, enter a filename on the File Name: field, and click Save to spare your screen capture.

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