Top 10 SUPER ACTIONABLE tips to Overcome Failure in life

At one point or another maybe even now you might be thinking
Hey, I'm such a failure. I'm hopeless maybe even worse. I'm not made for this world. You are not alone We all go through it sometimes even the most successful people Everyone feels discouraged from time to time, but the point isn't to dwell on our negative feelings instead We should see if there are ways we can overcome these feelings

Here's 10 tips to help you bounce back

1 think about what it is you want.

Brainstorm a list of your goals including the ones you've thrown away Even ones you've buried as far back as your childhood that you hope to reach Then go through them and read them thinking about when you first got inspired to pursue those goals and how you felt back then and Then let them drift through your mind for a short while

2. take small steps. After

You've taken the time to sleep on it think of something small that you can do to spark your inspiration and motivation Something manageable the point of this is to regain control It doesn't have to be directly related to your goals as long as it's something you can do even if you think it's insignificant Or doesn't make sense for example. You can clean your room. Go for a jog or just buy a gift for yourself? Anything that gives you a purpose and makes you feel like life is worth it. You're getting a reward based on an action taken

3. Consult somebody. Once you hopefully you feel slightly better about yourself

It's time to start working towards your goals it can be overwhelming in the beginning when you're trying to take your first steps Since you might be unsure of what you have to do to actually fulfill your goals To help you get started consult someone someone you respect Ask for five minutes of their time tell them about your goals and let them know that you're unsure of how to get there Listen to any advice they offer to get measurable steps you can go after

4. Start taking those steps.

Give yourself some time to take those steps Time is a key factor in Creating change and building up a habit the more time you dedicate to something or the more time you give yourself to achieve Something the more manageable your goal becomes and the less stress you are to achieve them Give yourself enough time to start reframing your mindset and pursuing that goal

5. report your accomplishments to someone even if you feel like you did nothing for an entire week

subconsciously Because you have told yourself you will do it You're constantly working toward your goals in the background even if you think you actually did nothing However, if you look closely enough you will start to see changes in your own behavior Take note of these changes, and how they might be contributing to your goal Then report it to someone maybe even the person you consulted in the beginning the purpose of reporting is to make your actions measurable

six start researching solutions on your own

Now that you finally started to get back into the groove of things and no longer feeling down and hopeless about yourself you will now Have more energy to figure out the steps you personally want to take to get closer to your goals You may feel more motivated to think and research on your own now instead of letting someone else tell you what you should do Coming up with a game plan on your own will help you develop the independence you need to start relying on yourself

7 again tell yourself you will give yourself a good amount of time to apply the new strategies

You've thought of and repeat steps four to six

Eight after you feel like you've done everything you can think of it's time to find a professional

Now that you've finally committed to your goals It's time to move a little faster find an expert in the field Someone who's actually gotten to or past where you want to be and get their help? Whether it's taking lessons from them or working under them as an intern it's important to gain Experience through the eyes of someone who's working in the environment you want to be in good job getting this far?

Nine continue gaining experience

 through the professional you decided to work with this is a period where you should shadow your coach

you should watch what they do get involved with our activities and

Hopefully, you'll start to know what it's really like to be doing what you dreamed of

10 lastly don't give up the most important step is to never give up

Giving up is like starting over from square one and everything is about momentum. You might not notice small changes or improvements, but they're happening Have any of you hit a rough patch if you've already gotten past it What are the steps you took to get back on your feet? feel free to share your stories or advice in the comments below if

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