Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hanuman Chalisa in English with meaning

Hanuman Ji


  • Shree Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nij Man Mukar Sudhari,Barnau Raghuvar Bimal Jasu, Jo dayaku Phal Chari

(With the residue of Guru's Lotus feet, I clean the reflection of my mind and afterward portray the holy greatness of
Sri Ram Chandra, The Supereme among the Raghu administration. The supplier of the four fulfillments of life. )

  • Budhi heen Tanu Janike, Sumirow, Pavan Kumar,Bal Buddhi Vidya Dehu Mohi, Harahu Kalesh Bikaar

(Realizing that myself will generally be ignorent, I encourage you, O Hanuman, The child of Pavan! Ruler! generously Bestowo on me quality, astuteness and information, expelling every one of my agonies and imperfections. )

  • Jai Hanuman Gyan Guna Sagar Jai Kipis Tihun Lok Ujgaar

(Triumph of Thee, O Hanuman, Ocean of intelligence and righteousness, triumph to the Lord of monkeys who is notable in all the three universes )

  • Ramdoot Atulit Bal Dhamaa, Anjani Putra Pavansut naamaa.

(You, the Divine emissary of Ram and vault of endless quality, are otherwise called Anjaniputra and known as the child of the breeze - Pavanputra. )

  • Mahebeer Bikram Bajrangi, Kumati Nivaar Sumati Ke Sangi.

(Goodness Hanumanji! You are valiant and daring, with a body like helping. You are the dispeller of murkiness of abhorrence
musings and partner of good sense and knowledge. )

  • Kanchan Baran Biraaj Subesaa,kundal kunchit kesa.

(Shri Hanumanji's constitution is brilliant hued. His dress is quite, wearing Kundals' ear-rings and his hairs are long and wavy. )

  • Hath Bajra Aur Dhvaja Birjai,Kandhe Moonj Janeu saage.

(Shri Hanumanji is holding in one hand a lighting jolt and in the other a standard with consecrated string over his shoulder. )

  • Shankar Suvna Kesari Nandan,Tej Pratap Maha Jag Vandan.

(Goodness Hanumanji! You are the spread of 'SHIVA' and you enchant Shri Keshri. Being ever brilliant, you what'smore, hold immense influence over the universe. The whole world appeases. You are cute of all. )

  • Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur,Smash Kaj Karibe Ko Atur

(Gracious! Shri Hanumanji! You are the storehouse learning, upright, extremely savvy and profoundly quick to take every necessary step of Shri Ram, )

  • Prabhu Charittra Sunibe Ko Rasiya,Smash Lakhan Sita man basyia.

(You are strongly eager for tuning in to the portrayal of Lord Ram's biography and revel on its pleasure. You ever stay in the hearts of Shri Ram-Sita and Shri Lakshman.)

  • Sukshma roop Dhari Siyahi Dikhwana,Bikat roop Dhari Lank Jarawa

(You showed up beofre Sita in a humble structure and addressed her, while you expected a great structure and struck dread by setting Lanka ablaze. )

  • Bhim roop Dhari Asur Sanhare,Ramchandra Ke kaaj Savare.

(He, with his awful structure, executed evil spirits in Lanka and played out all demonstrations of Shri Ram.)

  • Laye Sajivan Lakhan Jiyaye,Shri Raghubir harashi ur laye.

(When Hanumanji made Lakshman alive in the wake of bringing 'Sanjivni herb' Shri Ram took him in his profound grasp, his heart brimming with delight. )

  • Raghupati Kinhi Bahut Badaai,Tum Mama Priya Bharat Sam Bahi.

(Shri Ram vigorously lauded Hanumanji's greatness and commented, "you are as dear to me as my very own sibling Bharat" )

  • Sahastra Badan Tumharo Jas Gaave,Asa kahi Shripati Kanth Laagave.

(Shri Ram grasped Hanumanji saying: "Let the thousand - tongued sheshnaag sing your wonders" )

  • Sankadik Brahmadi Muneesa,Narad Sarad Sahit Aheesa

(Sanak and the sages, holy people. Ruler Brahma, the incredible recluses Narad and Goddess Saraswati along with Sheshnag the infinite snake, neglect to sing the wonders of Hanumanji precisely )

  • Jam Kuber Digpal Jahan Te,Kabi Kabid Kahin Sake Kahan Te

(What to discuss inhabitants of the earth like artists and researchers ones and so on even Gods like Yamraj, Kuber, and Digpal neglect to portray Hanman's enormity in all. )

  • Tum Upkar Sugrivahi Keenha,Slam Miali Ra cushion Deenha

(Hanumanji! You rendered an extraordinary help for Sugriva, It were you who joined together him with SHRI RAM and introduced him on the Royal Throne. )

  • Tumharo Mantro Bibhishan Maana,Lankeshwar Bhaye Sab Jag Jaana.

(By paying attention to your recommendation. Vibhushan became Lord of Lanka, which is known everywhere throughout the universe.)

  • Juug Sahastra Jojan Par Bhaanu,Leelyo Taahi Madhur Phal Jaanu

(Hanumanji swallowed, the SUN at separation of sixteen thousand miles believing it to be a sweet natural product.)

  • Prabhu Mudrika Meli Mukha Maaheen,Jaladhi Langhi Gaye Acharaj Naheen.

(Conveying the Lord's ring in his mouth, he went over the sea. There is no big surprise in that.)

  • Durgam Kaaj Jagat Ke Jeete,sugam Anugrah Tumhre Te.

(Goodness Hanumanji! all the troublesome assignments on the planet are rendered least demanding by your effortlessness.)

  • Slam Duware Tum Rakhavare,Hot Na Aagya Bin Paisare.

(Goodness Hanumanji! You are the sentinel at the entryway of Ram's leniency manor or His celestial dwelling place.Nobody may enter without your consent. )

  • Sab Sukh Lahen Tumhari Sarna,Tum Rakshak Kaahu Ko Darnaa.

(By your elegance one can appreciate all bliss and one need not have any dread under your insurance.)

  • Aapan Tej Samharo Aapei,Tanau Lok Hank Te Kanpei

(At the point when you thunder all the three universes tremble and no one but you can control your strength. )

  • Bhoot Pisaach Nikat Nahi Avei,Mahabir Jab Naam Sunavei.

(Extraordinary Brave on. Hanumanji's name keeps every one of the Ghosts, Demons and wrongs spirits from his fans).

  • Nasei Rog Hare Sab Peera,Japat Niranter Hanumant Beera

(On recounting Hanumanji's blessed name consistently every one of the diseases die the whole torment vanishes. )

  • Sankat Te Hanuman Chhudavei,Man Kram Bachan Dhyan Jo Lavei.

(The individuals who recollect Hanumanji in thought, word and deed are very much prepared for their chances throughout everyday life.)

  • Shoddy Ram Tapasvee Raaja,Tinke Kaaj Sakal Tum Saaja

(Goodness Hanumanji! You are the overseer of even Lord Rama, who has been hailed as
the Supreme Lord and the Monarch of each one of those gave in retributions. )

  • Aur Manorath Jo Koi Lave,Soi Amit Jivan Phal Pave.

(Goodness Hanumanji! You satisfy the wants of the individuals who come to you and offer the unceasing nectar the most noteworthy product of life. )

  • Charo Juung Partap Tumhara,Hai Parsiddha Jagat Ujiyara.

(Goodness Hanumanji! You superb wonder is acclaimed far and wide all through the
four ages and your popularity is radianlty noticed everywhere throughout the universe. )

  • Sadho Sant Ke Tum Rakhvare,Asur Nikandan Ram Dulare.

(Goodness Hanumanji! You are the friend in need and the gatekeeper holy messenger of holy people and sages furthermore, pulverize every one of the Demons, you are the seraphic sweetheart of Shri Ram. )

  • Ashta Siddhi Nau Nidhi Ke Data,Asa Bar Din Janki Mata.

(Hanumanji has been honored with mother Janaki to give to any one any YOGIC intensity of eight Sidhis and Nava Nidhis according to decision. )

  • Slam Rasayan Tumhare Pasa,Sadaa Raho Raghupati Ke Dasa.

(Goodness Hanumanji! You hold the pith of dedication to RAM, continually remaining His Servant.)

  • Tumhare Bhajan Ramko Pavei.Janam Ke Dukh Bisravei.

(Goodness Hanumanji! through commitment to you, one comes to RAM and turns out to be liberated from enduring of a few lives.)

  • Anta Kaal Raghubar Pur Jai,Jahan Janma Hari Bhakta Kahai.

(After death he enters the unceasing habitation Sri Ram and stays a fan of him, at whatever point, taking new birth on earth.)

  • Aur Devata Chitt Na Dharai,Hanumant Sei Sarva Sukh Karai

(You need not hold some other diving being at the top of the priority list. Hanumanji alone will give all joy.)

  • Sankat Kate Mitey Sab Peera,Jo Sumirei Hanumant Balbeera

(Gracious Powerful Hanumanji! You end the sufferings and expel all the torment from the individuals who recollect you).

  • Jai Hanuman GosaiKripa Karahu Gurudev Ki Naiee

(Hail-Hail-Hail-Lord Hanumanji! I importune you Honor to favor me in the
limit of my preeminent 'Master' (instructor)

  • Jo Sat Baar Paath Kar Koi,Chhutahi Bandi Maha Sukh Hoi.

(One who discusses this Hanuman Chalisa one hundred times every day for one hundred days turns out to be free from the servitude of life and demise and appreciates the most noteworthy rapture finally.)

  • Jo Yah Padhe Hanuman Chalisa,Hoy Siddhi Sakhi Gaurisa

(As Lord Shankar witnesses, every one of the individuals who present Hanuman Chalisa normally make certain to be benecdicted)

  • Tulsidas Sada Hari Chera,Keeje Nath Hriday Mah Dera.

(Tulsidas consistently the worker of Lord asks. "Gracious my Lord! You cherish inside my heart.! )


  • Pavan Tanay Sankat Haran , Mangal Murti Roop. Smash Lakhan Sita Sahit, Hriday Basahu Sur Bhoop.

(O Shri Hanuman, The Son of Pavan, Savior The Embodiment offavors, live in my heart together with Shri Ram, Laxman and Sita )